Cruising on Kootenay Lake by FREE ferry is a treat for any visitor. When the 35 minute ride comes to an end on the west side, Balfour welcomes you!

The community of Balfour was originally a steamboat terminus for all the mining activities up and down Kootenay Lake. In 1889 it was staked out as a townsite by a wealthy Englishman named Charles Busk, a visionary and a grand entertainer. Today, Balfour has a population of over 1200 friendly folks and an economy that is more diverse with each passing year. You won’t see it at first glance, but 60 businesses contribute to the lifeblood of this small town.

There is plenty to do in Balfour – two choices for golf, fishing, boating and some great hiking, biking and snowmobiling routes which start nearby. Luckily Busk’s legacy has translated into a plethora of accommodations where the proprietors welcome you with style – plus there are more than a few places to dine or where you can pick up a bite or two to eat when you are between excursions.

Balfour Ferry Terminal, Ferry Landing Road, Balfour, BC V1L 6S4, Canada

Nelson, BC V1L 6L1, Canada

Business & Historic Association
8551 Busk Rd, Balfour, BC, Canada

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